About Jasmin Landscape

Arie Redlich, Owner of Jasmin Landscaping

Passionate about gardens since his late teens and taught his foundation by a master gardener, owner Arie Redlich has consistently honed his skills and expanded his knowledge over 30 years in professional landscaping, ultimately delivering environments to his clients that exceed their expectations, time and time again. With a dedicated and personally trained crew, Arie is committed to your project from conception to completion.

Bay Friendly Qualified Landscaper CLCA - Californica Landscape Contractors' Association Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper

JASMIN LANDSCAPE embraces its role in respecting, protecting and preserving the environment as much as possible.  The company currently holds a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper Certificate and Arie is a certified Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional, offering a sustainable approach to your landscape.   We work with nature to reduce waste, conserve valuable resources and prevent pollution – nurturing landscapes that are healthy, beautiful and responsible!

About Our Services

Good design is not just important – it is vital to the success of the landscape you are investing in – so do it right, from the start. Arie has the field knowledge to grasp the realistic potential of a design, in terms of its compatibility with the land, the climate, the soil and the clients’ needs. He understands how plants grow – how much room they will need to develop into strong and healthy mature specimens. He knows how to ‘read’ the positioning of the exterior space in relation to the surrounding structures, the functional aspects of hardscape elements, the right plant for the right place, the significance of irrigation and drainage infrastructure and, of course, aesthetic. Arie can design your landscape himself, refer you to trusted and revered landscape architect professionals or you may have a design blueprint ready for execution.

Our crew members take pleasure in what they do and are highly skilled, courteous, focused and very hard working. Once we undertake a project, we devote all our abilities and attention to see it through to its successful completion, in an efficient, methodical and thorough manner. We are committed to surrounding your home with a garden space that will delight all your senses with its finely crafted detailing and living artistry. By engaging in daily clean-up and organization, we minimize the level of inconvenience to our clients, while ultimately providing them with an inspiring outdoor environment to be enjoyed year round, and for years to come.

In recognition of the need for your landscape to not only survive, but to thrive, we offer a landscape maintenance service. The quality, professionalism and personal involvement we provide in our landscape designs and installations are also the benchmark for this division of the company. The Landscape Maintenance Division incorporates sustainable landscaping practices into all aspects of our services. Service consists of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance.

Arie is available as a Project Manager for your specific independent project.